Lakeview Health Testimonials

Lakeview Health Testimonials

Is There a Secret to Addiction Recovery?

Addiction Treatment Success Stories

Matt’s Story

Matt, alumni of Lakeview Health, opens up in this Lakeview Health testimonial about drug addiction and recovery. Learn about what his life was like before Lakeview Health, what led him to finally seek treatment, and what he learned that helped him in his pursuit of recovery.

Tyler’s Story

Before seeking treatment at Lakeview Health, Tyler lived a life victimhood, which kept him sick and addicted. In treatment, he bonded with the therapists and other patients and realized that no matter how far he had gone, he was never too far gone.

William’s Story

William wanted to get sober but wasn’t really that serious about it. After his first visit to Lakeview Health, he admittedly picked up drinking again and relapsed. That’s when he hit his rock bottom. He came back to Lakeview Health and took it seriously, realizing that he was not alone.

Tori’s Story

Tori came to Lakeview Health with the expectation that she would be able to walk in and be fixed immediately. While in treatment, she took matters into her own hands, pieced it all together, and found a reason for her recovery.

Lakeview had helped me grow to be a strong standing woman. From being lost to knowing my way, Lakeview gave me more than I could imagine possible. They supported me through my recovery and gave me the privilege to believe in myself again. Some people go by seeing is believing. I definitely believe now that I see a change in myself. I give my thanks to the therapist and staff that guided me through my faithful recovery.

Kolby B.

The recovery program at Lakeview Health provides clients with the cognitive, behavioral, spiritual, and pathological tools necessary for a truly successful recovery while maintaining a safe, clean and caring environment that enables personal growth and increased personal insight.

Michael H.

When I came to Lakeview, I felt low, depressed, low self-worth and broken. I did not know what to expect the only thing I did know was that I needed help and I needed it quickly. Once I was here I started joining classes, group therapy and meetings regularly. At the beginning, I badly wanted to leave a number of times, but now that I have completed the program, I could not have been more thankful to the program as I am now. Although it may not have been the easiest thing for me, it was definitely the smartest and best decision.


I’m so glad I came to Lakeview. I had three rehabs to choose from and now I believe in divine intervention. This place made me believe that rehab is more than a summer camp and people can be sober and clean. At first I thought Lakeview had so many stupid rules I wanted to bounce, but I stuck it out and realized those rules were part of the therapy and no, I’m not brainwashed. I’m a professional businessman. But I have nothing but good things to say about Lakeview. This is my fifth rehab.

Thomas M.

The staff at Lakeview really do care. They will help you if you just let them. Always stay positive about recovery and always be honest, open-minded and willing. Remember that you get out of being in treatment what you put into it.

Stuart L.

Lakeview Health is a great place to be. They are always focused on the patients. They have great therapy sessions as well as sober games. The therapists primary concern is to help you better understand your feelings and how to deal with them. The homework assignments help you better understand yourself. Lakeview Health has taught me to live sober and enjoy life.

James C.

Great facility and staff. Very knowledgeable and patient. Was able to figure myself out when I haven’t been able to for all these years. Thank you.

Vitaliy F.

After I made the decision to get help for my addiction I called Lakeview. They got me in the next day and that was the best decision I’ve ever made. So many of my core issues and resulting addiction issues were addressed and most importantly, I left with the knowledge to handle life in general. Everything from addiction to stress/anxiety to handling daily ‘bumps in the road.’ I would highly recommend Lakeview to anyone interested in recovery.


I truly enjoyed by stay at Lakeview. The facility and the staff are wonderful. I was particularly pleased with the nursing staff. They genuinely cared about me, always taking time out of their day to listen. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to come to Lakeview. I don’t believe I would have gotten better treatment anywhere else.


I enjoyed the program very much. All the therapists were extremely knowledgeable and very beneficial for my recovery. I would totally recommend Lakeview to the still suffering addict.

Chad C.

This program was the best thing that happened to me and my family. The doctors, the nurses, and all the techs treated me great. Ashley worked with me at first. I do believe she saved me. I think between her and Christie got me to realize that my inner problems and taught me to find them and deal with them. Lakeview was what I needed to save me.

Brandon P.

It was awesome.

Joseph C.

Lakeview rehab is in my opinion one of the best 4 facilities in the U.S.! I truly believe the medical staff is excellent.

Paula E.

I would just like to say thank you for the help and support I received at this facility. I’ve learned more in my stay here than in the last 28 years of life. Lakeview has helped me help myself and gave me tools I will use forever to stay clean and do something great with my life. Thank you.

Jason C.

It’s very hard to come in and admit you have a problem, but believe me, it was the greatest thing that I did for myself. I hope it will be for you. Good luck.

Keith D.

I would recommend Lakeview to anyone willing to get clean and or sober. Staff is very kind and willing to help at all cost. This was very important to me.

Kevin M.

My name is Chris from CT. I came to treatment on July 4, 2012. I’m 28 years old. I came to treatment because I was sick and tired of using heroin and other substances. I knew it was time for me to get help. For me this place has been great. The more I put into it, the more I got. It’s a nice new and clean facility. The staff is awesome, especially if you show them respect. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to get their life together.

Christopher M.

When I entered Lakeview on June 10, 2012, I could not complete a full sentence. It was a scary thing. I had been addicted to pain meds for years. I also drank, actually I did anything that would help me to escape reality. All the staff, from the housekeepers, therapists, nurses, doctors and everyone in between helped me to restore some sanity, enough for me to realize that I was a child of God that deserved recovery. Life hasn’t been easy but as long as I continue going to meetings, call my sponsor, and working the steps, no matter what, I don’t pick up, there’s hope!

Constance C.

Lakeview changed my life. They showed me that I can live sober and free. They taught me how to set boundaries. They taught me how to say no. I would definitely recommend it.

Jennifer A.

My name is Althea. When I arrived at Lakeview, I was lost, lost in a world of alcoholism. In my stay here, I have received the guidance and the tools I need to return to society and become a productive person again! I was a full-blown alcoholic. Don’t give up on yourself. Let Lakeview help you. They helped me!

Althea M.

This program has changed my life forever. The feelings and behaviors I had coming into Lakeview were absurd; I was out of hope and would do anything to stop it. Lakeview turned my thoughts and ideas around for me and made me realize the power of choice and my higher power. I will be forever different and I am truly grateful. Thank you and good luck to all.

Anthony M.

I appreciate the time and patience the staff gave me while I was here. Before, I thought and tried many times to quit on my own but it never stuck. Now, I can observe and correct my behaviors before they lead me to use.

Kristen K.

For most of us the decision to stop the insanity is a difficult one to make. Once this decision is made, the next decision is where to go for help. Lakeview has a dedicated knowledgeable staff that will provide the care you need. I walked into Lakeview a wreck. I walked out healed and confident. I would recommend Lakeview to those that are serious about getting better.

Elizabeth P.

The program Lakeview offers is exceptional! I have discovered more about myself in the 6 weeks I’ve been here than I have in my entire life (I’m 50 years old and did at one time have 16 years clean and dry). Not only am I able to recognize actual feelings, but now I recognize the behavior that will follow these feelings. Lakeview has given me the best gift I have ever received: the tools I need to process those feelings without having to pick up that first drink or drug. I finally figured out I can’t do it myself, sobriety is a process, a lifetime process one that I am grateful to have received and I couldn’t have done it without Lakeview. I’ve tried!

Carol T.

I really like Lakeview for the great program and doctors and staff. The place was clean and tidy and always a staff member saying hello to me. The rooms are nice and I get great sleep here. I am glad I came to Lakeview.

Kimberly B.

Lakeview has been a great experience. It has really made me open my eyes to my addiction. I have been to many treatments in my life, but this has been my favorite place. The staff is great.

Matthew T.

Lakeview has made me a better person and I have learned a lot about recovery. The staff is great and the community, great atmosphere and schedule. All around 5/5.

Zachary W.

So far I have enjoyed my stay at Lakeview. I have learned great coping skills and roadblocks. The staff does a wonderful job and is very friendly. I would recommend the rehabilitation center to anyone who truly wants to be clean.

Daniel M.

Though detox and rehab are two things nobody plans for, it is a blessing to have such a staff and a facility to help through the transition into a life of sobriety. All needs were met as to my best interests. Always had an ear for my voice. Every effort was made for me to be comfortable by the most professional and dedicated staff. Would recommend to anyone who is serious about recovery.

Philip K.

My experience at Lakeview has been a great one, from first coming through the doors, meeting all the staff members and the nurses, to the patients being very respectful. In the short time I’ve been here, I’ve learned so much about myself and who I am today. I am so grateful to come here. I truly feel I would have died if I didn’t come to Lakeview. Thank you, Lakeview.

Angel L.

You know, when I first got here, I hated this place, but coming to these few weeks of being here, I came to learn it’s not the place I hated, it was the fact they were helping me release these emotions of anger, resentment and disappointment that I had been holding inside. This place has shown me the importance of letting it out and not to bottle it in because when you hold those feelings in, it’s a big trigger, which causes you to use. I will tell you that, thanks to Lakeview, I am sober today.

Jeffrey C.

I am having a good experience here. The staff is very helpful and the Lakeview program really works.

Jordan W.

I was medically discharged from a rehab facility in South Florida due to their inability to handle my medical issues. The medical staff at Lakeview has worked diligently to come up with a treatment plan that addressed all of my concerns. Thank you, Lakeview, for making it possible to finish my treatment.

William C.

My experience at Lakeview has been a very positive one. I have been forced to look at myself and my life in a new way. I have been given the tools I need to face the world and all its problems, as a clean and sober productive member of society. I have no regrets about coming to Lakeview. The staff and other addicts have been a huge help to my recovery.

Amy R.

Staff for the most part was very good. All the therapists I had were great, with Angela and Alexis being the best.

Vince O.

Wonderful program. Mixes the different levels of care amazingly. Structure when needed as well as some freedom when needed. Excellent therapists and great community.

Andrew S.

Outstanding: The entire staff was very professional, willing to take care of any need that arose. I feel that I received tools that will greatly benefit my recovery.

Jim B.

Lakeview was a great place. It truly helped me learn to cope with life again. I truly enjoyed the staff and the people I met.

Dave T.

Great staff, great people, good place to go for recovery. Very friendly environment and I learned a lot about myself and recovery.

Austin D.

Lakeview helped me a lot and dealt with a lot of my B.S. but really made me feel comfortable. The nurses and MHTs were amazing to me. I am so grateful for them.

Monique J.

Coming to Lakeview had to be the best decision of my life. I struggled first coming here with how long the program was, but coming up on 3 weeks of sobriety and a new change already is amazing. Believing in a higher power greater than me and having a connection is amazing. Getting honest and admitting I am an alcoholic and an attic was surprising to me. I love the change I made and how I can realize it. Highly suggest treatment at Lakeview for turning your life around.

Tanner R.

Came in messed up bad, they have tried very hard to handle my medical issues. I’ve had a smile on my face and I’m very satisfied with Lakeview Health.

Frank H.

As most, I was petrified to come here, but it didn’t take long to feel part of the group. With a pretty intense unity group, the community did change and came together. I have accepted being here and have to obey the structure. One thing I would recommend is more groups and coping skills.

Sarah J.

During my first trip to Lakeview, I didn’t take it seriously and tried to work my own program. It didn’t work, obviously. During my second trip, I took it seriously and worked the program and I’m very grateful to Lakeview for giving me another chance and grateful they’ve given me the tools to live in the real world. It’s a great center and a great structure.

Chloe N.

This is my first treatment and I feel that Lakeview has done a lifelong change for me.

John H.

Everyone here likes their job. And the place is awesome. I don’t know what I would do without them.

Antwan J.

This is my second time here at Lakeview. Each of my experiences was great. Lakeview saved my life, giving me tools to learn to live life on life’s terms. The therapist, nurses and techs are awesome. They make you feel welcomed and loved. I was also very involved in the alumni program. Ami is the best. She keeps in contact and cares a lot. The activities were fun. I am very excited to get back at it. Thank you, Lakeview. I know that the door is always open with the staff waiting with open arms.

Kara M.

This has been a wonderful facility for my recovery. It has been very conducive to my healing process and in the acquisition of a new skill set that will help me rebuild my life, starting from the ground up. I look forward to the sober life that awaits me on the outside and eagerly anticipate the fruits of my new healthy future. Thank you, Lakeview, and I will somehow find a way to pay it forward in time. Best wishes to all the patients and staff. You saved my life.

Zachariah B.

The staff has been very kind and caring. You can tell they are genuinely concerned about your well-being and helping you recover.

Tracy W.

Overall I was treated very nicely. The therapist was knowledgeable and persistent. The food was great. Nicest facility I have ever been in.

Frank H.

I do not have enough words to express how thankful I am for Lakeview. They saved my life and helped me start a new one. The staff and structure at Lakeview are amazing. Every lecture I attended was informative and extremely helpful. My therapist, Alexis, was not only extremely intelligent but also very caring. She helped me understand who I am and why my addiction started. I will be forever indebted to Lakeview for my new start in life.

Justin G.

I had an amazing time at Lakeview. I was able to meet a lot of incredible people and share things with them that I haven’t shared with anyone else. I got in touch with my inner self and core issues, all while enjoying myself and playing games. Thanks, Lakeview!

Jason M.

I learned a lot concerning my addictive behaviors and coping skills. The program was very helpful to me in my recovery.

David C.

Lakeview has been fantastic. The friends have been amazing and so has the staff. If, God forbid, I ever relapsed, I’d come back in a heartbeat.

Brandon C.

Lakeview has helped me learn to cope with my boredom, frustration and depression, which led to my alcohol dependency. When I arrived I was stewing inside. The major transformation came from my primary care group, led by Skylar. I now feel like my former self. Opening up about my issues has transformed me. I feel optimistic about maintaining my sobriety.

Jan D.

Lakeview has a very nice facility as well as lovely therapists. The food was amazing. They incorporate fitness, music and rec therapy. The MHTs are all friendly but firm and stick to the rules. Overall, I would rate Lakeview 10/10. They help with relapse prevention and recovery coaching to get me prepared for the outside world.

Jillian S.

The treatment and care I received at Lakeview have been exceptional! I have been treated very professionally by the entire staff.

Terry M.

I have had a wonderful experience at Lakeview. I was apprehensive at first, but once I adjusted I came to completely appreciate and enjoy my time here. I have grown as a person and learned so much about addiction and recovery. The staff truly cares about each individual and have helped make my time in treatment a remarkable experience.

Elizabeth H.

It has been a great process. I’ve learned about my disease and ways of handling it. The detox part was painless and helped me tremendously, and the staff has been great to me, so thank you.

Chris H.

I have found Lakeview to be a terrific resource, not only for tackling addiction, but for going down to the root of my problems so I can really recognize and work on my biggest challenges. Primary therapy groups were excellent, as well as the alternative treatment methods such as music therapy, recreation, fitness, yoga, meditation and equine therapy. Staff members and nurses were extremely helpful, respectful and courteous.

Lisa M.

At first, I hated the idea of coming here. For two weeks, I didn’t say a word, nor did I want to participate in any activities or social events. At my third week, I started to open up. My therapist was great and helped me work through the underlying issues that had a lot to do with my substance abuse. I thought this was going to be weeks of straight hell, but it turned out to be the best days for bettering my life and family.

Joseph G.

I enjoyed my stay here. I learned a lot about myself and ways to cope with my addiction and other stresses in my life, so I’m very thankful to come.

Timothy B.

Overall, I had a wonderful experience at Lakeview. Looking back, I can say the staff was extremely friendly and I also formed great friendships with many other patients here. I am very shy when I first arrive in an unfamiliar place, but I was able to make friends and learn a lot over my stay. I’m surprisingly sentimental about leaving. Definitely a good experience.

Joe D.

During the weeks I have been at Lakeview, my views have changed 100 percent. I hated this place for the first two days I was here, but since then I have seen how great this place really is. My counselor and the staff have shown me that this is definitely the place I need to be, and other patients have shown me how to make the best of our common situation. I plan to make the most out of being here.

Nicholas B.

My stay here has been very positive to me. I was taken care of very well during detox because I could barely walk and couldn’t hold a cup. The staff has been great to me. I love my therapist Alexis and adore Angela the housekeeper. Everyone has been nice and were able to help with minor issues and information that I needed. My experience has been great and made me sober once again, which I pray will be my last. Thanks a bunch!

Wendy M.

Lakeview Health saved my life. They have been accommodating in helping me learn and understand the reasons I chose to sabotage my life. Not only did they help uncover pain and the real reasons for my addiction, they made sure this would be my last time in treatment. The staff (doctors and therapists) has given me grounds to recover and help others get to peace with their recovery. Lakeview for life!

Michael S.

I have to say that the overall experience has been great. It was my first and only rehab, so I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. I must say the experience was better than I ever thought. I have learned so many things about myself that have everything and nothing to do with recovery. The staff, nurses, doctors, all care about you and get to know about you on a personal level. I know so much about recovery, the step work and sponsors. They really put you in the right mindset and give you all the tools for furthering your life. For that I’ll always be grateful.

Daniel T.

Lakeview saved my life. When I came in, I had never been to rehab before and was terrified. The staff was professional and courteous, but treated me like I was a member of the family. From the beginning of treatment to the end, I never felt alone. I always felt as if I had someone I could talk to. Housekeeping, MHTs, nurses, therapists, admin, the kitchen staff all are fabulous. They get to know you and your name. The food, facility, grounds and activities are all pleasant. Thank you’ simply cannot express how grateful I am to you for all you’ve done. You gave me the key to that awesome door that had remained locked to me for so long, that secret door that hid sobriety from me. Thank you for guiding me on this awesome, scary, beautiful, exciting journey that I have embarked on. I appreciate your guiding hand. Between the God of my understanding and the tools and knowledge Lakeview staff taught me, I am taking it easy, one day at a time, for the rest of my life.

Tracy G.

Great experience. Wish I had come here first instead of fifth.

John S.

Lakeview helped do for me what I could not do for myself. This simple program really works.

Louis N.

The patients here were some of the best friends I’ve ever had and I enjoyed my stay. The staff was very helpful. The nurses were caring and so are the doctors. I love being here.

Laura B.

Before coming to Lakeview, I led a dark life filled with drugs and alcohol. Lakeview has given me the tools to not only live a healthy life but also a satisfying life. Thank you to all the staff and therapists for believing in me and not allowing me to give up.

Chris B.

Lakeview was an awesome place to start my recovery.

Tyler B.

This is a very structured program teaching life skills, holistic healing, therapeutic issues as well as my addiction issues. The staff is great and really helpful. Lakeview has truly saved my life.

Ernestine F.

I really enjoy Lakeview. I think the structure is good for me. My therapist is amazing-she’s very helpful. I feel that she really cares about me. I love the people here and the staff.

Kara D.

Lakeview has been a very rewarding treatment center, both for my drug rehab and the treatment of my depression issues as well. The staff are all great to work with and very understanding of the stresses of recovery.

Douglas K.

I want to first thank Lakeview and the staff for its program. it really surprised me when I first came. I had plenty of doubts but then soon pickup up on a lot of things. The food, therapist and activities are great for recovery.


In the brief time I have spent here at this facility I have come to respect and understand the disease called addiction. I think the setup and recovery blueprints this organization has setup for the future success of the patients is nothing short of phenomenal. Best of luck to all future recovering patients and a big thank you to all the staff for their hard work.


My experience has been great. I’m grateful for this program. If someone is serious about recovery then this would be the perfect place. The nursing staff and all the staff in general all their jobs very well. For some patients that might not be the case but as addicts we all have certain character defects that let rules or different attitudes from staff bother them. As for me, I’m very grateful for this place. I have learned a lot from all the groups and activities.


My experience here at Lakeview has been good. The staff is really helpful and the clients are nice and welcoming. I am learning a lot about myself here and how to cope with things in my life.


Exercising has always been a big part of my life, but I had become lazy and out of shape through my drinking and it was tough to get back to the level that I was at. I came to Lakeview and after just a day or two of being sober and seeing they had a workout class, I immediately wanted to get back into the routine. The class was fun and changed on a daily basis. It was something that I really looked forward to, and it was exciting to start seeing results again. Lauren also spoke about eating healthy and how the right diet can help maximize results. After my stay at Lakeview, I continued to work out and started eating better, and within 3 months I felt more toned and I had lost 30 pounds!!! I finally felt healthy again and it was crazy to look back and see how out of shape and unhealthy I had become. It’s been over two years now and I am still pushing myself, getting stronger, and competing at the highest levels in and around Atlanta. Exercising has become something that I look forward to again, and something that I enjoy doing. I really owe so much to Lauren and the trainers for helping me get back in shape and putting that drive back into me.

Joe D.

When I first entered Lakeview, I was apprehensive about how this facility would be different than any other. In some regards, it was the same as others I had been in. However, in the end it turned out to be better than all the rest for two reasons. One: Its programs put me back on track with my spirituality, which I desperately needed to regain sobriety. Secondly, I was given the opportunity to face my fears and dispel them into the past. I can now begin to live my life again, one day at a time, at peace with myself, with a sober body, mind and soul.

Kevin K.

During my stay at Lakeview the fitness facility and personal trainers were my favorite part of the day…every day! So much so that I was required to take rest days by my trainers because I wanted to be in there with them at every opportunity. The facility itself is outstanding with new state of the art equipment. You can work ALL of your body parts, even the ones you don’t yet know you have. Trust me, you will learn about a whole lot of body parts that you didn’t know you have or don’t know the names of during “Find Your Fitness” lectures and one on one sessions. You will also learn how to tailor your diet for the best results. It is a complete wellness program. I chose to work with the trainers as often as possible which kept me motivated and provided me with specialized exercises that were designed to help me reach my fitness goals. The one-on-one assistance was critical for me. I have worked with trainers before but none that were this knowledgeable and none that stuck the right balance between rigorous focused exercise that pushed me to my limits and whole body health. I had not worked out in years prior to my stay at Lakeview and it was there that I got back on track. Because of the wonderful and knowledgeable staff there I am several months after rehabilitation, sober and healthier than ever. I incorporated everything that I learned at Lakeview fitness into my current workouts and still have the things the staff told me in my head as constant guidance and reminders of how to do and be my best.

Claudia M.


This is the most amazing supportive place you can in a rehabilitation center. My wife had the most amazing experience. Thank you lake view for changing our lives!!!

Matt A


I came to the Woodlands after completed treatment at their Jacksonville Location and I can’t thank you them enough for what they have done for me they care I got here was out of this world!

Cathy B

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