Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program

At Lakeview Health, we know that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to addiction. There are as many outpatient addiction treatment programs in Texas to treat addiction as there are people with alcohol- and substance abuse problems. That’s why at the Lakeview Health Woodlands, TX center, we offer a full range of services, including a wide variety of Texas addiction therapy programs. One of the most important approaches that we offer is the dialectical behavior therapy program. Dialectical behavior therapy in Woodlands, TX can be of enormous benefit to people trying to break free of their dependence on alcohol and drugs.

woman taking notes during the dialectical behavior therapy program in dialectical behavior therapy in Woodlands TX

What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

Dialectical behavior therapy, or DBT, is a kind of cognitive behavioral therapy program in TX. This just means that it involves working with a mental health professional in a structured way to talk through issues that might be getting in the way of your responding effectively to challenging situations, like alcohol- and substance-abuse problems. What makes DBT unique, however, is its focus on “dialectical” thinking, that is, on bringing two opposites together to more effectively deal with problems.

The two main opposites that we focus on in the dialectical behavior therapy program are acceptance (acceptance of your situation, of who you are, etc.) and change (the idea that change is inevitable, change is constant, etc.). In DBT, the patient and counselor work together to explore the seeming contradiction between acceptance and change in order to change behaviors in positive ways. Since its inception in the late 1980s, DBT has been used to help thousands of patients with PTSD, borderline personality disorder, eating disorders, and alcohol- and substance use disorders. Lakeview Health’s dialectical behavior therapy in Woodlands, TX, is at the forefront of this work.

What Can I Expect?

The dialectical behavior therapy program generally has three interconnected parts, and at Lakeview Health, patients will experience all three. They are:

  • Group skills training. Group work will usually take place in a classroom or a classroom-like setting. Sessions will involve learning and discussing behavioral skills, and using role-play to practice new, healthier ways of interacting with others.
  • Individual therapy. Drawing upon what you have learned and practiced in your group therapy program in TX, in individual therapy, you will adapt and apply those new behaviors to your own real-life situations.
  • Phone coaching. Like most DBT centers, the dialectical behavior therapy program in Woodlands, TX is an outpatient facility, meaning that in between sessions you will be living at home, working, and dealing with family obligations. Phone coaching is a mandatory part of DBT because it allows your counselor to provide valuable real-life advice regarding whatever difficult situation you may find yourself in.

At our Woodlands, TX center, there is a fourth component of dialectical behavior therapy programs in which the patient is not involved, as well. At least every week, your counselors and therapists meet to discuss patient progress and reflect on ways to make sure that your therapy is optimized to help you get your life back on track. At Lakeview Health, that is the extra mile that you will come to expect as part of our top-notch care.

Where Do I Begin?

If you are tired of alcohol- and substance use disorder controlling you, it is time to take the step that will put you on the road to recovery and rehabilitation. You can reach out to the medical staff at the dialectical behavior therapy program in Woodlands, TX by phone any time at 281.784.3842. It is time to get your life back. Contact us today.