Family Support Group Program

Family Support Group Program

A New Kind of Family Support Group Program in Woodlands, TX

family smiling together on the couch after family support group program in Woodlands TXWhen considering the victims of substance use disorders, it is only natural to think first of the person suffering at the hands of addiction. And while the individual sufferer is in many ways at the eye of the storm, it is important to remember that he or she is never the only one who is affected by addiction. Among the many groups affected by a single person’s addiction, there is little question that in most cases it is the family that bears the brunt of the trauma. This is why at our Lakeview Health facility in Woodlands, TX, we have established our family support group program.

The Importance of a Strong Family Support Group Program

Like many programs with a well-developed family therapy program, Lakeview Health in Woodlands, TX is well aware of the critical role that family can play in recovery. Because family members are also victims of a substance use disorder, it is vital that they participate in recovery in order to heal themselves, both individually and as a family unit. To this end, in the family support group program at Lakeview, we provide a comprehensive, integrated approach to whole-family care. This involves examining, among other things, the structure and habits of the family, the roles of individual family members in addiction, and how family members can support someone struggling with a substance abuse problem.

But the term “support” in Texas addiction therapy services cuts both ways. In fact, too little attention is often given to the vital role of the family as a unit, not only in need of support but also as providing support. At Lakeview Health, we have often subscribed to the notion that the surest way to promote rehabilitation and recovery is a strong support network. And there is little question that whenever possible, the family should be the heart of that support. In other words, a strong family support group program not only facilitates the healing of the family unit. It also uses the family as a therapeutic tool to help the individual struggling with addiction.

What to Expect in a Family Support Group Program

At the Lakeview Health family support group program in Woodlands, TX, we focus on whole-family healing. Some of the advantages of this approach are that it:

  • Treats the family as a unit, and not just as individual victims of a single member’s battles with addiction
  • Seeks to regain a healthy balance and stability within the afflicted family
  • Provides tools for effective communication between all members of the family
  • Aims to help the family construct a practical, goal-oriented plan of action for moving forward, instead of focusing on the injuries of the past

As a family unit, we are stronger than the sum of our parts. And by engaging in a family-focused program like the family support group program at Lakeview Health in Woodlands, TX, you can take your first steps towards healing as a family, together.

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If you or someone in your family is one of the nearly 40 million Americans dealing with substance use disorder, it is important to remember that you are not alone. By taking steps today, you can do more than just help a loved one who is battling addiction. You can also begin to heal the tension, pressure, and division that addiction has caused in your family. At the Lakeview Health family support group program in Woodlands, TX, we make it our business to help families like your move forward, addiction-free. Contact us today through this site, or call us at 281.784.3842. We’re here to help you and your family.