Family Therapy Program

Family Therapy Program

When you commit to treating your addiction, or any kind of substance- or alcohol use disorder, you do not have to go it alone. This does not only mean that you need the support of a good addiction treatment program in Texas. Any real journey of rehabilitation and recovery will require a strong network of support that will involve counselors, peers, and family. Lakview Health Woodlands provides a wholesome family therapy program. Family therapy in Woodlands, TX brings families back together after seeing addiction in a loved one.

Family posing with therapist for the family therapy program during family therapy in Woodlands TX

Family therapy in Woodlands, TX, which is most often provided by a social worker or licensed therapist, is designed to help you rebuild and strengthen your relationship with your family. Texas addiction therapy programs can be particularly important for people in recovery as those bonds have often been weakened by months and years of substance abuse.

Family Therapy Program and Addiction

In the therapy community, family counseling is widely regarded as an effective way of processing family situations that have caused grief, stress, and conflict. As such, it is very often deemed beneficial when addiction has torn a family apart and is seen as a particularly valuable tool when treating addiction in all its many varieties and guises. The counselors in the family therapy program at the Lakeview Health center in The Woodlands specialize in family care in the wake of addiction, and are here to help.

What To Expect

In family therapy at Lakeview Health’s family therapy program, we bring multiple family members together for sessions in which we discuss and help process the grief and conflict that so often surround addiction. Depending upon the case, we also offer individual sessions for family members who have been particularly hard by addiction.

The number and duration of sessions depends, of course, on the individual situation. But rest assured, in the family therapy program our goals are the same as yours: to heal the rifts in your family that have resulted from chronic substance abuse.

In family therapy, you will:

  • Examine how your family’s structure, rules, and relationships can help or hinder recovery and rehabilitation from drug or alcohol dependence
  • Explore your family’s ability to communicate effectively with one another, and to solve problems as a unit
  • Identify and discuss any hindrances or barriers to recovery inherent in the family
  • Isolate, analyze, and celebrate the strengths as a support system for the members of your family who are in need

Take the first step

If you have a family member you know is suffering, or if you are battling a substance abuse disorder yourself, don’t try to go at it alone. Lakeview Health Woodlands offers an excellent family therapy program that you can count on to help keep our family intact as you recover from the stress, anxiety, and conflict that can come with addiction. Family therapy in Woodlands, TX can not only keep you together; it can help make your family stronger than ever. Don’t let drug and alcohol abuse tear your family apart, contact us today. Take your life back from addiction by calling the Lakeview Health family therapy program at 281.784.3842. The journey for you and your family starts with a phone call.