Aftercare Program

Aftercare Program

intake specialist at aftercare program explaining the aftercare program Woodlands TX to new patientWhen you enter one of the Texas addiction treatment programs at Lakeview Health, you’re part of our family for life. We provide aftercare programs, in addition to our alumni groups, gatherings, and meetings. Find out what the aftercare program in Woodlands, TX is all about.

Every day, we work with you to create skills that apply to your everyday life and coping mechanisms to defeat triggers you may face. We also help you establish an effective aftercare plan. This plan helps you succeed in your recovery journey after a co-occurring disorder, outpatient substance abuse treatment program in TX, or inpatient mental health treatment. 

Why Choose an Aftercare Program? 

Contrary to popular belief, the fight with addiction doesn’t end after rehab. Addiction is a chronic disease. When you finish your rehab program, you have just begun the battle. We are determined to give you the tools you can use to remain abstinent and sober long-term. 

When you leave a rehab program, you will face multiple challenges. Temptation, stumbling blocks, and triggers will inevitably pop up. Stressful situations and people are all around us, and our triggers can pop up, seemingly out of nowhere. An aftercare program can give you assistance and continued education to help you defeat these obstacles. Additionally, an aftercare program in Woodlands, TX can increase the chances that you’ll be successful in recovery. 

Research suggests that if you only complete a rehab program and do not attend an aftercare program, your chances of relapse are almost 100%. However, by joining an aftercare program, those chances drop to 40-60%. Moreover, if you do suffer a relapse, you are more likely to get back into a recovery program and move forward with fewer chances of an additional relapse. 

Our Services

Our planning services may vary, but we offer several options. One such option is appointment scheduling. We work with your primary therapist to schedule appointments for after we discharge you from the program. These appointments could include sessions with dietitians, therapists, psychiatrists, or doctors. Each of these appointments will allow you to maintain focus on your recovery while improving your mental and physical health. 

Part of our aftercare program in Woodlands, TX also involves support groups. While you’re in treatment at Lakeview Health, one of your treatment methods will likely be a 12 step support group or a 12 step alternative. We will help you find similar groups in your community as well as involvement in the family support group program in TX. These groups will allow you to continue to draw support and accountability during your recovery process. 

In addition to the support groups, another vital part of our aftercare program is our alumni network. These people are other former patients from Lakeview Health. They have been where you are and struggled with the same struggles. Members from our alumni network gather regularly to connect and share their struggles and successes. 

Besides all of these excellent resources, we also provide multiple step-down resources. These are ideal if you need help easing into everyday life. We will get you connected with sober living residences and other outpatient treatment options. 

Contact Lakeview Health

Our aftercare program options can keep you on the road to recovery. There is always someone there for you to lean on when you meet temptations. If you stumble or fall back into addiction, there is support behind you to assist you in getting back up again. You will also build close friendships that can potentially last for a lifetime. Contact Lakeview Health Woodlands to get started today.

We know your struggle with addiction has taken up a good deal of your life. Don’t let addiction win. To learn more about our aftercare program in Woodlands, TX or to begin the admissions process to a substance abuse treatment program, call Lakeview Health at 281.784.3842 today. Life in sobriety is possible when you enroll in our recovery programs.