Alumni Program

Alumni Program

The Lakeview Health Woodlands Alumni Program

man smiling while researching alumni programs on laptop after finding the alumni program in Woodlands TXOne of the common misconceptions about addiction treatment and recovery is that it is a single event as opposed to a process. And while recognizing the need for help with your addiction and making that first call for help are essential steps, recovery does not end there. Lakeview Health Woodlands provides an alumni program for those in Woodlands, Texas.

At Lakeview Health Woodlands, one of the commitments we make to our patients involves care beyond the rehabilitation you receive in our addiction treatment programs in TX. Just as your journey doesn’t stop when you leave our care, neither does our engagement in that journey. It is for this reason that we have established an alumni support network that allows everyone interested in continuing support to maintain contact.

Supporting Each Other, One Step at a Time

A strong support network is an essential component of a successful recovery. And by joining our alumni program in Woodlands, TX you will not only be able to rely on a network of like-minded alums all over the country. You will also be able to be a part of that support network yourself. Recovery is a two-way street, and patient after patient has expressed their gratitude, not just for the care that they have received, but also from being given a chance to help other members of the group. For someone in recovery, helping others can be just as powerful as receiving help. And the Lakeview Health alumni program is founded, at least in part, on that principle.

What You Can Expect From the Alumni Program

As a member of the alumni program in Woodlands, TX, you will receive extended opportunities for support that come in many different forms. Some of these include:

  • Follow-up support from our team at Lakeview Health Woodlands, including telephone and email contact
  • Access to our database of alumni, to whom you can reach out for support of your own
  • Updates and news from Lakeview Health on the program, as well as from other alums
  • Access to educational materials and additional information useful to your recovery
  • Invitations to social events organized for and by Lakeview Health, and by other alumni in the network
  • Continued contact with the Lakeview Health staff, often in a more relaxed, social atmosphere
  • A chance to share your experiences and to extend your support to others in need.

You have committed to your recovery. And by joining the Lakeview Health Woodlands alumni program, you can remain a vital part of the recovery conversation. Continue your journey of sobriety with aftercare programs in Texas.

Reach Out to the Lakeview Health Alumni Program Today

Contact Lakeview Health Woodlands where your recovery comes first. And by joining our alumni team, you can do more than maintaining your contact with Lakeview Health and extending your support network. You can also become part of something larger, and extend a hand to other people in recovery who will benefit from your experience. Reach out to the Lakeview Health Woodlands alumni program today at 281.784.3842, and continue your journey on the path to wellness.