Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Substance abuse and mental disorders often travel hand-in-hand. In fact, it’s estimated that half the individuals who struggle with drugs or alcohol also suffer from a concurrent mental condition. In the medical community, these co-occurring issues are known as a dual diagnosis. To treat one properly, you must treat both disorders at a dual diagnosis treatment center. Find the addiction and mental health treatment programs you deserve with dual diagnosis treatment in Woodlands, Texas.

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When you live with both a mental health disorder and a substance abuse problem simultaneously, your symptoms can easily overwhelm you. Both are chronic health problems that can wreak havoc on your moods, actions and overall well-being. Either one can throw your mind into disarray by creating chemical imbalances in your brain, or compromise your physical health by disrupting the function of vital organs. The presence of both problems makes them both harder to diagnose and more challenging to manage without dual diagnosis treatment in Woodlands, Texas.

An eye-popping one in five American adults suffer from either a substance problem or a mental disorder, making the problem. But despite these millions of suffers, only a small percentage will seek professional help. However, almost no one can beat this two-headed monster alone. The chances of successfully dealing with a dual diagnosis goes up greatly when the proper help is sought. At Lakeview Health, we offer just such assistance at our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Woodland, TX.

Spotting Dual Diagnosis

The signs of a dual diagnosis depend a great deal on the individual involved, and their particular mental and substance abuse problems. Common combinations like alcohol and anxiety, depression and cocaine, meth and bipolar disorder each may differ in appearance from patient to patient and pairing to pairing. But there are some common symptoms found among them all during dual diagnosis treatment in Woodlands, Texas, such as:

  • High tolerance to drugs or alcohol
  • Unpredictable behavior
  • Mood swings
  • Withdrawal from social activities
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Dangerous behaviors
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Risky drinking or drug use

If you or someone you know displays any of the above behaviors, contact Lakeview Health Woodlands’ Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Lakeview Health’s Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Woodlands, TX, applies a multidisciplinary disciplinary approach to every outpatient addiction treatment program in Texas. A full team of board-certified physicians and psychologists collaborate to address these complex issues and ensure the best chance of recovery. Each plan is built around the individual patient.

Among our offerings are:

  • Mood stabilization and monitoring
  • Medication management
  • Prevention of relapse
  • Coping skills education
  • Underlying issue resolution
  • Family counseling

From the time you’re first admitted to the day you leave and through aftercare beyond, our team of doctors, nurses and therapists work to protect your sobriety against relapse, legal issues, and other threats to your sobriety.


While completing drug and alcohol rehab programs in TX is difficult, staying clean after returning to society presents its own challenges. Potential temptations and triggers lurk around every corner, and relapse threatens all the time and effort that the patient has put into getting sober. The causes of the problem don’t simply go away once rehab is over.

However, our dual diagnosis treatment center can prepare you to deal with all the hazards of reentering society. While in our care, you’ll regain your sobriety. In the process, we’ll help you learn the techniques you’ll need to maintain it. Our aftercare coordinators will work with you to build a post-treatment plan that will guide you successfully back into your life.

Lakeview Health approaches aftercare the same way we approach rehabilitation. Using all the tools at our disposal, we create a personal plan for the individual based on their needs, preferences and life goals. For aftercare, options include sober living facilities, intensive outpatient programs, Texas group therapy sessions, psychiatric follow-up appointments and support groups.

Contact Lakeview Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Dealing with either an addiction or a mental health issue isn’t easy. Dealing with both simultaneously is overwhelming, but with help from Lakeview Health Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center, it is possible. It all begins with a single phone call. If you’re ready to seek help or simply want more information about our programs, please call us at 281.784.3842.