For Professionals

For Professionals

Professionals and Addiction

business people in a meeting determined to support addiction treatment for a professional in Woodlands TXThere are many misconceptions about addiction. One of the most persistent among these is that addiction chooses its victims along class lines. When we think about addiction in America, the images that spring to mind for many are still those of the disheveled town drunk or the desperate, impoverished addict stumbling down the street, wearing their addictions for all to see. However, addiction treatment for professionals is also needed.

As the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has repeatedly pointed out, people struggling with substance abuse issues come from all walks of life. In fact, one of the professions that consistently appears high on the list of those most frequently reported substance use disorder in “management.”

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Addiction Treatment for Professionals

There are several reasons that addiction issues are so prevalent among professionals requiring specialized addiction treatment for professionals in Woodlands, TX. The pressure at the upper levels of the business world — where not meeting demands, deadlines, and expectations can cost you money, or even your job — are notoriously high. But for all of their prevalence in the upper echelons of the professional world, addiction issues can also do the most damage there.

This is why Lakeview Health Woodlands has established an outpatient addiction treatment program in Texas that takes the specific needs of professionals struggling with addiction into account. The benefits of our unique approach include:

  • Outpatient care. This means that you will not be a resident in our facility, and can organize your recovery around your work, family, and social obligations.
  • Privacy. Recovering on your own time also means that you do not need to advertise your condition. Your recovery is your own business, and it should stay that way.
  • Peer support. In the addiction treatment program for professionals at Lakeview Health Woodlands, you will encounter a network of other professionals who have gone through or are currently going through some of the same things that you are. This can not only help you get through rehabilitation but can strengthen the recovery process and aftercare, allowing you to avoid relapse.
  • Texas addiction therapy services and treatments specific to you. At Lakeview, we understand the issues surrounding workplace pressure and the triggers in the workplace that can lead to substance abuse and relapse. By targeting and preparing you to deal with these triggers specifically, we can ease your journey down the road to recovery.

Everyone deals with substance abuse differently, and every patient requires a different approach. But professionals who are struggling with substance use disorders do share certain traits, and at Lakeview Health Woodlands, we have experience tailoring our program to your needs.

Don’t Wait to Reach Out for Help

When you’re ready to begin addiction treatment for a professional in Woodlands, TX, the supportive staff at Lakeview Health Woodlands will be here to guide you through our simple admissions process. But it is up to you to make the first call. Don’t let addiction control your professional and personal life any longer. Reach out by calling 281.784.3842 today, and start on the road to recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration. Contact Lakeview Health Woodlands to take your life back.

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